"Nerds" win again... or is it only fantasy?

Revenge of the Nerds started the fantasy back in 1984 (stretching out to 4 movies in 10 years) that hasn't died out and continues with Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton. Why do you think that the "geeks can get pretty girls" theme is still lingering in society? These videos weren't necessarily instigated by nerds and the artists/actors themselves had to buy-in on it in order to perform the act "on-screen" so to speak. Is this part of the reality TV phenomenon of the regular boy or girl next door being able to getting the woman/man of her/his dreams or becoming the next musical idol?

Using Excel files with Python


there are 3 different ways to interact with Excel files:

1. To control the Excel application and read/write Excel files (.xls, etc.), you need a Win32 box with, you need to write a COM application. to do this, you need a Win32 box and Python for Windows Extensions:


2. To read Excel files (w/o requiring a Win32 box, say on *ix/MacOS), check out XLRD:


3. To create Excel files (again, w/o Win32), check out XLWT (replaces pyExcelerator):