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South America, take 1

Bom dia!!

I'm in South America for the first time in my life... it took long enough! My first stop is São Paulo, the technical capital of Brazil, save perhaps Belo Horizonte. My co-workers and I came to give talks at the Google Developer Day event here today. I'm actually needing to go to bed now because i need to wake up early to leave the country for Argentina where we're doing another Google Developer Day at the beginning of the week. I'm also hoping to hook up with some Alan Parsons Project fans down there too, some whom I've known for years without ever meeting face-to-face!

After this event, I depart Buenos Aires for Junín, about 3 hours away for the upcoming PyCon Argentina conference! I look forward to seeing familar faces in the Python community there and delivering one or two talks there. I spend a few more days in "BsAs," as the locals call it, then return back to São Paulo for two more events: Python Brasil and CBsoft. Interestingly enough, of the list of talks I proposed to both the Argentinian and Brazilian events, both event organizers picked the same pair of talks. That's somewhat good news for me since I don't have to rehearse as much. The CBsoft talk is the most unique one of all, and it's about the future of computing.

This is a talk which I'm reprising from the unconference "unkeynote" I gave to the Google Teacher Academy event in Seattle towards the end of July. Attending this event are "innovative educators," teachers, technologists, librarians, administrators, and other education-related professionals focused on primary and secondary education. Each event candidate has to go through an application process where applicants must show they have developed new, interesting, and effective ways of teaching to students. Once you're accepted and go through the training program, attendees become "Google Certified Teachers." Here is one teacher's experience, another's, and yet a third.

I was merely visiting one of the Google teams I support up in the Seattle office when I ran into the GTA dinner event while having supper myself. I introduced myself to the coordinator, and later that evening, thought it would be a wonderful experience to pull out some notes to an old education-flavored talk I had developed in the past (well, two different talks actually, whose contents were eventually merged). The idea of this talk was to describe all the phenomena around the shift from traditional PC-based user computing to the Internet, and now to an Internet-facing service world, better known in some circles as Web services or cloud computing.

I pulled together the talk then proposed it as one of the many individual sessions voted on by the membership. The event was held in a "BarCamp"-style where attendees chose each of the talks/discussion sessions. Little did I know that they all wanted me to speak to all of them... right then and there, making for an unofficial "unkeynote" at this unconference!!! Now I get to do it again, but perhaps add a few more elements for CBsoft. It turns out that this is a "sponsor keynote," something I wasn't anticipating, meaning that I probably have to thrown in a few more company products into the talk without making it sound like a salespitch. Easily done. Both Python and Google App Engine are clearly pointed out in the talk, so that gives me a chance to add some material there.

All-in-all, I'm looking forward to all my talks, and if the dining is as fine as it was tonight at the original Fogo de Chão *in* Brazil, this is going to be a great trip, meaning I'm going to have to work harder to loose weight!! When I get back in October, I hope to see some of you in my next Python training course, Oct 18-20 in beautiful San Francisco... please come and join me for another intense Intro+Intermediate Python 3-day training session!!

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