wesc (wesc) wrote,

Best wishes to my Egyptian friends

As some of you may know (well, i haven't been hiding it), Egypt is one of my favorite places in the world to visit. I'm deeply saddened by the injuries and loss of life that's happening now. Not only has the Internet and mobile networks been taken down by the government, but there are now reports that the police are setting cars on fire to blame the protesters and water being shut off.

The people are (in general) warm and friendly, not to mention able to deal with my horrible Arabic. Still, i think they found it quite amusing that i was able to tell them that I wasn't Japanese, and that I was Chinese and that I was from America... some were quite surprised that there are actually Chinese people *living* in the US. :-)

The people are clearly dissatisfied with the say things are going in their country, and i hope that their demonstrations are able to bring about the change that they're seeking. Below are some of the key links that I've grabbed from my Twitter feed and elsewhere. Hope it helps you apprised of the situation there as well during time of civil unrest.

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