wesc (wesc) wrote,

2008 was crazy!

2008 was a crazy year -- list below not in any particular order:
  • 2008 USA Presidential Election/Barack Obama/Sarah Palin/Tina Fey
  • Gas @ $4.85/gal and $1.35/gal (oil @ $150/barrel and oil @ $38/barrel)[!] (pic1) (pic2)
  • M$FT does *not* buy YHOO
  • Bailouts everywhere (i want out of my mortgage too!)
  • Releases of both Python 2.6 *and* 3.0, the next generation, at the same time
  • Big 3 auto and other execs on the hot seat
  • Non-Katrina hurricanes Gustav and Ike try to damage the gulf states
  • CA state Prop 8
  • Olympics/gymnast ages/Michael Phelps/CGI opening ceremonies
  • Add a leap second
  • I changed jobs
  • Royal Flush vs. 4 Aces (featuring Everybody Loves Ray Romano) in WSOP 2008 main event
  • Implosions of WaMu, Wachovia, Countrywide, Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac...
  • Over 1000 ppl at PyCon(!)
  • NY Gov Spitzer and Ashley Alexandra Dupre
  • WGA ends strike to give ppl their TV again
  • Hostage rescue in Columbia
  • Massive earthquake in Sichuan/Cheng-Du
  • Bill Gates retires
  • Iraqi reporter throws shoes at Bush
  • Tech: Apple launches iPhone 3G, Hulu explodes, Asus Eee PC creates new "netbook" class
  • H2O on Mars
  • Terrorists terrorize Mumbai (the city formerly known as Bombay) hotels
  • In memoriam: (actors/comedians/entertainers) Paul Newman, Heath Ledger, Charlton Heston, Roy Scheider, Mel Ferrer, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Cyd Charisse, Eartha Kitt, Bernie Mac, Estelle Getty, George Carlin, Harvey Korman, Suzanne Pleshette, Dick Martin; (musicians) Issac Hayes, Paul Davis, Richard Wright, Bo Diddley, Levi Stubbs, Jeff Healey; (reporters & newsmakers) Tim Russert, Jim McKay, "Deep Throat"/W. Mark Felt, Bobby Fischer, Edmund Hillary, Bettie Page, Richard Blackwell; (authors) Michael Crichton, Arthur C. Clarke, Louis "Studs" Terkel, Tony Hillerman; (filmmakers) Stan Winston, Sydney Pollack; and many others which have been left out...
Name another year where this much stuff happened...

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