July 3rd, 2010

Is email only for old people?

Some people seem to think so. I've talked with some young people recently who only message via Facebook, text, or IM. The problems with those approaches are that not everyone: has or uses a FB account, knows how to text on a phone, or is on IM all the time. I find email to be a nice OOB way to reach people and also leave a record, because... yup, not everyone turns on IM archiving, and I'm not really sure people want to.

On the other hand, there is another extreme... too much email. I have more than 12 email addresses to help me sort my life and the messages that pass through it. At work, I need an army of filters to rearrange it all, but it's still like taking a pot to a waterfall and trying to catch every drop that comes down. The most useless ones, of course, are the "me too" messages that I wish the senders would have a bit more discretion, mature, and just click "Cancel" instead of "Send". I've found myself with a "Drafts" folder that seems to grow (albeit slowly) with messages that I had second thoughts about. It's interesting to review those to try to recall why it was that you chose not to send it.

Below is some optional reading if you wish to go further down this path.


Anyway, I'd love to write more about this, but I need to... ummm, go and check my email. :P